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People write these in 3rd person to appear more important. Behold: 4th person.

We saw him discovering business at the age of 5. By that time we could already sense overflowing creativity; quite the doom device to send to school. It wasn't all candy and passion flowers; poor thing couldn't sleep more than a week in the same bed. By the age of 10 we had lived in France, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Jersey and travelled to over 75 countries. We should definitely blame ourselves for all this, but the reality is that we crafted quite the curious blend of unrelenting ambition and Sugar Powered Creativity.

"We can't leave him unsupervised; I'll look away for a second and instead of studying, he would have brainwashed his tutors into working for his new company". - Ariane, Mother

"Still a disappointment" - Gregory, Father

Call it child neglect or simply unfortunate parenthood. But now he calls us every day talking about his work with the likes of Huel, TikTok, Linked-In, Adidas, Pernod-Ricard, Lululemon... On one of his latest projects, we heard he worked alongside director Yvan Fabing in the latest commercials for LA MER.

For us, it's the weird angles, the crazy transitions, the dirt-cuts and 360 rigs. The lasers, extravagant lighting and 3D scans. The outrageous collaborations and all that time spent on experimenting with pompous glass. 

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Available worldwide, based in London, Paris & Madrid.

Also available in English, French and Spanish.


Unit H1, 2 Leswin Road, N16 7NJ, London, United Kingdom

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